A rushed,  fraught week and Halloween in this house is looking really grim … and not in a good way.

Halloween in Australia is becoming more and more popular, and in turn, has become another annual stress point for the fraught Modern Mother with perfectionist tendancies.

I have found four easy, but ghoulish-looking recipes that won’t crack us. They will make us appear frighteningly brilliant. Now go to it.

msl_1008_browniecoffins_hdCoffin Brownies These sweet little treats are about as macabre as I will go. I just can’t do bloody popcorn clots or bulging eyeballs. Anyway, how easy is a tray of Brownies decorated with an icing marker?  via marthastewart

poison applesPoison Apples For your resident mini-witch, a poison apple for killing off the beautiful competition. Coated in caramel, draped in chocolate and sitting in a nest of pistachios, she will have them spellbound and under her power. via marthastewart

camp-chili-lDevilish chorizo chili with hominy This is spookily easy and a cinch to serve up. If you like your chili extra hot, add an extra teaspoon of chipotle powder. A great dish for cutting through all that sugar…via sunset

cm-ghost-pizzaGhostly good Pizza Wing this frightening good pizza with a good quality store-bought base and mozzarella. Make a second pizza for the adults with a good helping of anchovies and minced garlic. It’ll scare away the spooks. Check it out via sheknows