Sarah Jessica Parker, US Vogue

Sarah Jessica Parker, US Vogue

mumsy :  adjective   /ˈmʌm.zi/ informal disapproving   › describes a woman with an old-fashioned appearance, like that of a traditional mother. Example: As she became more successful, she changed her mumsy hairstyle for something more glamorous.

What  a depressing definition.  When did looking ‘mumsy’, or dressing like a woman who has children, become so fashionably-offensive?  

Do a couple of runny-nosed children hanging from a woman like extra appendages, make her any less stylish? Or does a shopping trolley brimming with unsexy items like cheese sticks,  fruit boxes and bulk-buy loo paper mean she should dress like a frump? Since when does a change of status and circumstance mean a trade-in of  Helmut Lang for Homy Peds?

Case in point x 3 …

Miranda, Nicole and Gwen demonstrating Mumsy-style

Miranda, Nicole and Gwen demonstrating Mumsy-style

If this is ‘mumsy’ in 2013, then sign me up.

As challenging as it is, motherhood is not a reason to farewell one’s fashionable side; it’s time to revisit it.

Whilst for our grandmothers, pearls and a house dress a mother’s wardrobe-make, today we need more. Not a lot, just good quality, practical, chic basics that really pull us together.


Good denim, quality tees, cool flats, great shades, stylish topper and statement bag, are what every Modern Mother should have at hand. I bet, if required, you could squeeze a four-pack of Sorbent in that Givenchy too.

Need more style-spiration? I scanned the web looking for street style pics depicting fashionable mothers. I discarded hundreds of shots of skinny models, 20 year-old bloggers and suave gay men, and came up with this beautiful selection of chic mamans. Yes, we are as worthy style bait as the rest of you.

Let’s wipe those snotty noses, slip into really high heels and embrace our ‘mumsy-style’ status. Oh, and it’s time to change that dictionary definition too. Old-fashioned – us? Not on our style-watch sisters.

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streetstyle pics via tommyton, vogue, jak+jil, tumblr, nymag