My fave go-to site for beautiful baby and new mother gifts, Little Kisses, recently received a lovely thank you note from a couple in the UK.

They had just received a hamper of Australian-inspired goodies for their new son George. In it was a selection of chic Australian-inspired must-haves, including a mini koala-motif romper and bib and a flat-out koala, all presented in a chic, red, signature memory box.

Their favourite item though was a copy of Possum Magic by Mem Fox –  a book they ‘look forward’ to reading to little HRH when he is just a little older.

Rachel and Anuska, the clever minds behind Little Kisses, asked me to guest blog this morning for their site on some of my favourite things for the nesting or new mother. You know, those vital bits and bobs that will hopefully make time in hospital feel as 5 star as poss. Talk about faking it!

I needed inspiration and who else to look to but new mum Kate?  Read on below and be sure to hit Little Kisses to buy all my favourite things and luxe gifts and hampers fit for a princess.

Sometimes I ask myself, “What would Kate do?” 

I can’t help but look to our elegant Duchess for guidance of the royal, yet very real, variety. She is a woman of stylishly-thrifty ways (only she can make Reiss look like Rodarte).  With several friends expecting, who else would I turn to for luxe but practical tips and gift ideas than Kate?

Or perhaps we should call her ‘Kate of the Lindo Wing’. Oh how I loved reading about her hospital stay; brief as it was. I remember my days in the maternity wing with its stiff sheets, shared bathroom and overcooked carrots. It would be fair to say that Kate and I had very different hospital experiences.

I want my loved ones to have what Kate had – the 5-Star luxury, stylish accruements and sleep and beauty benefits. All of course without the nightly price tag.

So here is what my pregnant loved-ones can expect come labour day – all in the manner of Kate the Great with the help of Little Kisses Luxuriate Baby Hamper.

Slip silk eye mask : Because, despite the dirty laundry and overflowing sink, one should sleep whilst the baby sleeps. I’m sure Carol ensures Kate does. This little slip-of-a-thing is pure silk, so feels utterly divine to wear. Plus it gives absolute blackout which is essential for catching some shut-eye during daylight hours.

Slip silk pillow case :  A MUST for anyone lucky enough to have Kate-esque hair. Why? As you sleep, you slip and slide seamlessly over the silk, eliminating any chance of unslightly bed hair. I mean, who has time to blow-dry one’s hair in hospital? It is also fantastic for avoiding eye wrinkles –  all the good beauty therapists recommend it. Not that this is an issue for Kate… yet. Bet Carol has one though.

Vanilla scented battery-operated candle : Who doesn’t love a beautiful travel candle? No matter how sterile the surrounds, a whiff of something delicious always makes you feel at home. Yet lighting a match in the maternity ward? I doubt the Lindo would allow it. So I give you this awfully clever battery-operated candle. It flickers as if there were a flame, and imparts the most delicious hint of vanilla. All without putting the entire ward at fire-risk. Brilliant!

Spun Scarf : I adore a scarf and notice Kate does too. We have that at least in common. This fabulously sheer, colourful version is perfect for adding a little zip to a tired, drawn, sleep-deprived face. It also doubles as a stylish nursing cover when one needs a little privacy. Also makes a fashionable keep-sake for the chic new mother.

Aromatherapy room spray : I have a hunch the Lindo Wing smells rather gorgeous. No doubt it heaves with the scent of gardenia, rose and hyacinth. For the hospital room lacking this fabulous sensory overload, this heavenly room spray should do just the trick. Pinging with delectable essential fragrances of orange and jasmine, it deodorises whilst freshens the deadliest of rooms. It is organic, so very gentle for new born noses. It makes for the perfect pep-me-up or room freshener come visiting hour.

Elizabeth Clarke is a fashion stylist and fashion and beauty writer. Her blog serves as research for her upcoming book on stylish modern mother-dom.