There is much more to popular blogger Faux Fuchsia than her immaculately applied lipstick. She is a super-smart solicitor, mother-of-one, avid cook and reader, obsessed accessoriser and pedantic domestic stylist.  She also worships at the alter of Jackie O – a kindred spirit.  Here is her glittering guide-to-life. Be sure to check-in with her too at Thanks for the tips FF. x

The immaculate and colourful Faux Fuchsia

The immaculate and colourful Faux Fuchsia

Location: Brisbane, Queensland.

Home: A cottage.

Social media:  My faux fuchsia blog and I do instagram at FAUXFUCHSIA.

Mothering style:  Heavily influenced by my Mum. Quite strict about bed time and saying please and thank you.

How do you fake calm kids:  I endorse a bribe.

Daily breakfast: Avo on toast or just air.

Daily uniform: Frocks for work and jeans for play. I like a lot of colour and am partial to a sequin.

Personal style: A bit glam and I try to be well-groomed. When I look better, I feel better.

Style icons: Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, Iris Apfel, Anna Wintour – all the big names.

Food, fashionable icons and beauty essentials. All the big names, luxe nibbles and pink, pink, pink....

Food, fashionable icons and beauty essentials. All the big names, luxe nibbles and pink, pink, pink….

Daily splurge: I paint my nails every day.

Go-to-accessory: Am partial to Hermès scarves – they hide a multitude of sins and hide my collapsing neck.

Jeans: I like those brightly coloured ones by J Brand and Rag and Bone.

Sunnies: I always wear those big Jackie O ones. My current are by Kate Spade.

Sneakers: Am unfamiliar with these.

Tees: Don’t mind an old school Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

Lingerie: Anything that’ll cover figure flaws.

Handbag: love my black Chanel grand tote shopper for day and my Anya Hindmarch sparkly clutches for night

Scent: Arpege by Lanvin, Chanel No. 5, Youth dew, Chance by Chanel, YSL Opium.

Lipstick: Nars in Schiap (the best hot pink ever).

Beauty: Cheap supermarket stuff.

Candle: I like Glasshouse Candles, especially the ones that smell like caramel and lollies.

Coffee: Skinny Cap.

Tipple: A soothing and calming glass of anything. In summer I think I’ll re-embrace Campari

Signature dish: Roast chicken with quince and pine nut stuffing.

Culinary weakness: I love pâté and cheeses but I have a sweet tooth and really luff puddings.

Flowers: Fresh garden roses. My favourite is Mister Lincoln which has the best scent, just like musk lollies.

Destination: Hong Kong, London, Paris, the beach.

Restaurants: Zuma in Hong Kong, Le Cigale Récamier in Paris, Montrachet in Brisbane and Daphne’s in London.

Shop: Liberty in London, IFC in Honkers, Le Bon Marché in Paris and Jean Brown in Brisbane.

Hostess gift: I like to bake things- brownies, bread, choc chip biscuits.

The 5 people you would like most to join you for dinner: my partner, my sisters, Jackie Kennedy, Oprah, Princess Diana and Martha Stewart ( more than 5!).

Best tip for putting the ‘L’ back in LOVE: A fancy-pants romantic dinner, without the toddler

Big loves - Tatler, roses, sequins, Hermes and Brisbane City.

Big loves – Tatler, roses, sequins, Hermes and Brisbane City.