Sara Huegill may be the epitome of the perfect Modern Mother. Super-gorgeous and owner of crazy-good legs, she is wife to Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill, mama to Mila, owner of a seriously-chic wardrobe and PR Marketing Director for Sydney label, Little Joe Woman.

I asked her how she manages to always look so pulled-together on the red carpet, when in reality, she must be getting ready at arsenic hour –  the horror.  Sounds like mission impossible to me.  But according to Mrs Huegill, it’s actually not.

ModernMothers: How long do you need to look paparazzi-ready?

Sara Huegill:  These days time isn’t on my side (for myself that is!), so it is all about time management and allocating at least 30 – 40 mins to get ready. If I can have longer I take it

MM: Who chooses your dress, shoes and accessories?

SH: I choose everything myself. I have my favourite designers and looks, and try to re-work old favourites or loan new pieces that are demure show-stoppers. Less is more in my view, so my shoes and accessories are always simplistic.  My diamond rings are almost always enough, however I always love extra bling from Cerrone to complete the look!

MM: The morning of a big, red-carpet evening event, what do you inhale for breakfast?

SH: Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! I usually have Greek yoghurt with assorted berries and passionfruit
 So the morning of a big event is no different for me. As long as it is light but at the same time substantial.

MM: Is there a work-out involved and if so, are you tredding or lifting some weight?

SH: I have been lucky (to-date) with my body not requiring a lot of work exercise-wise. I am a converted morning stretcher and once I realised the importance of stretching  your body and taking 2 minutes to do-so and at the same time gather your thoughts/relax and breathe – a busier day gets easier!

MM: What labels and styles do you favour?

SH: Dion Lee, Collette Dinnigan, Ellery, Josh Goot and Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliott

MM: What is your own personal favourite red-carpet moment?

SH: GQ Man of Style Event 2012. It was such a brilliant event and moment.  Dion Lee stole-my-heart as always as my dress of choice!

MM: What is your worst?

SH: I hope I don’t have any!

MM: What is your red-carpet regime?

SH: I don’t really have a set regime so-to-speak. Keep calm and carry on usually does the trick


MM: What is your best beauty secret?

SH: Water! Drink as much of it as possible. I never used to drink enough water and it is the best (and cheapest) beauty secret going around.

MM: In the rush, what is your best and fastest baby dinner on-the-run? 

SH: I am ultra-prepared when it comes to meals for Mila, so I usually have a protein and vegetable mix prepared in advance, however I often reach for fresh pasta or rice and finely cut poached chicken on top if I have run out. Depending on her food-intake that day I often reach for vegemite and cheese toast and a spot of Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit also!

Dion Lee Spring/Summer 2014

Dion Lee Spring/Summer 2014

MM: How do you walk in high heels?

SH: I really limit my daily wearing of heels, so when I do go to events or out at night,  I can wear 5-inch babies with ease!

MM: How do you avoid vegemite fingers?

SH: Baby Wipes are my best friend
and literally the last thing I do pre leaving is pop my dress on to limit any sticky finger issues!

MM: Any tips on posing for that crucial pic?

SH: I wish I had tips for that one! A natural smile always works best…

MM: Now with a baby in tow, how do you recover the following morning?

SH: Panadol and water pre-bed and a good Egg and Bacon roll the next morning. However the option of saying no to the champagne after 2-3 glasses is always the smartest option!