The supermodel must be the most accomplished and experienced jet-setter of them all.  She typically spends all her time on the runway – be it at fashion week or the airport.

I spent most of the 1980s with US Vogue nestled secretly in the pages of my science book, obsessing over the Supes and their glammy jetset lifestyles. In particular Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda E, Yasmin Le Bon and the gorgeous Gail Elliott who, post-runway, has moved to Sydney from New York where she designs for her label, Little Joe Woman.

Think sumptous silk and good basics, designed with the  modern jet-setter in mind. Her clever and luxe wardrobe pieces take you on the plane, to your hotel then out for dinner. They are the ultimate travelling companion.

Gail was kind enough to give me her tips for travel, and I give you my fave Little Joe pieces for super-chic, holiday style. Thank you Gail.

Gail's favourite travelling companions

Gail’s favourite travelling companions

Gail’s top travel tips for a supermodel touch-down

  • I take a small bottle of Lavender Oil and dot it around the pillow area of my seat on the plane – it helps me sleep and makes the air smell fresh.
  • A lightweight cashmere blanket.
  • Socks.
  • An extra sweater.
  • light cashmere scarf.
  • Mineral Water – I find I drink more if I have a bottle, rather than the flight attendant pouring me a glass.
  • Snacks – carrots, fruit, seeds & nuts, rice crackers.
  • iPod.
  • Books & magazines.
  • Aspect dr Resveratrol Moisturising Cream to keep my skin hydrated and Lancome Toner to freshen-up when I arrive.
  •  A light sleeping pill like Normiston – I’m a lightweight and one quarter of a tablet keeps me asleep for 8 – 10 hours!
  •  I always use the in-flight ear plugs as they drown out sound and keep me asleep longer.
  • I try to sleep on the same time zone as the country I’m in, which helps me get over jet-lag faster.
Perfect pieces for the travelling maman

Perfect pieces for the travelling maman

Here are some of my FAVE travel pieces from Little Joe NY. Click to buy for safe supermodel travels!

Diamond Python Silk BlazerKaa Silk Shirt, Saint James cotton tee, Anaconda Silk Jumpsuit Torniquet leather pant, Bandy cashmere scarf, Sandcastles dress, Slow Burn cashmere sweater