“I am so busy” has become the modern mother’s mantra. Usually spoken in an-out-of-breath and resigned-to manner, it is designed to let others know just how important and in-demand we are, or to cover-up just how much we aren’t actually doing. Hopefully it will extract some form of admiration, empathy and envy from the very bored person we are complaining and/or boasting to.

I have been guilty of it, particularly in my professional life. Running my own business equates to, busy = successful month. But in my personal life, I have bleated to my husband in the hope of some recognition, new Choos or a big, fat pat on the back. THAT = boring!

Being busy is a choice we make, so is it necessary to crow on about it? Or for those who say they are busy, but in reality are not (they are the WORSE kind), perhaps they could actually do more?

Loved your comments on this issue which I am posting below, and this fantastic article from The New York Times, The ‘Busy” Trap.  Judging by your responses, it seems we are not too busy to really dig-the-boot into this truly boring, modern phenomena.

What do you think? If you’re not too busy, join the forum and let us know. E

  • “I have been on this rant for some time!!!  My pet hate…I’m soooo busy” Guess what? I’m not and I’m not ashamed to admit it! ”  Meaghan, Brisbane
  • “Great article! While I don’t really feel like I have a choice whether to work or not, I have definitely exercised a choice to eschew promotion, more money and capital gains on Sydney real estate in favour of the good life. I’ve never regretted it for a second. Life is too short.” Annie, Brisbane
  • “I love this article too, it sums up how I feel completely, I too choose time over money.” Britt, Brisbane
  • “In the Western world Busy is seen as a virtue. I think many people feel the need to justify their existence 24 x 7. It is a way of hiding from people or things they’d rather not have to deal with. I know i pull it out every now and then but some people really do believe that no one is busier than they! ” Amy, Eumundi
  • “I agree with Amy completely… Couldn’t have said it better.” Mary, Brisbane
  • “We all need to slow down and enjoy the moments.” Eve, New York
  • “Agree totally! Less is more.”   Kim, California
  • “Sometimes we have to glorify what we do because if we don’t who will?? Women tend to take care of everything in their world, children, husbands and work, leaving very little for themselves. I feel there is a lot of pressure to be and do everything and when we do achieve we are actually made to feel selfish and unbalanced. I also feel as women we tend to over analyse as a way of justification to ourselves!! ”    Rebecca, Hawaii