Waving the flag with Hugo's baby pav with raspberries and chocolate

Waving the flag with Hugo’s baby pav with raspberries and chocolate

As a delicious nod to a rather momentous weekend in Australian history, Hugo got his Masterchef-on, concocting a bevy of baby pavs for an election get-together with friends.

He decorated some mini pavlova shells (he’s faking-it from a young age) with berries, chocolate, oodles of whipped cream, then got them out there. ย He would only use raspberries, strawberries and chocolate – chef’s prerogative and a rather minimalist approach – but of course you can use any fruit you wish.

They were a winner and we are polishing off the remains for breakfast.

Gold Star effort Hugo!

Easy as their ABCs!

Easy as their ABCs!

Hugo’s Baby Pavlovas

(serves as many as you want them to)


  • Mini-pavlova shells
  • Whipping cream
  • Raspberries, strawberries etc
  • Cadbury Flake bars


  • Chop up berries
  • Whip the hell out of the cream
  • Pull apart the chocolate, eating and licking fingers as you go (totally unhygienic, but necessary)
  • Decorate to your heart’s content.