Naomi - totally fantastic at 40

Naomi – totally fantastic at 40

Today some quick beauty 101 for the tired 40-something. Easy, effective and time-tested, these tips really work when you need to wing perfect polish but time is not on your side. Would love to hear your tips too. Now get your beauty on and get out there!

  • In an emergency, blend pesky grey hairs into dark hair using a fat-nibbed felt tip in a matching shade.
  • Add a dab of luminescent highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten the face.
  • Take five years off your face by curling lashes every morning before applying mascara.  Re-do mid-afternoon for a quick brighten-up.
  • Create lush eyelashes with lots of volume by dusting translucent powder onto your lashes with an eyeshadow brush, then apply your mascara.
  • Swap your foundation for tinted moisturiser. You will look more youthful. Add concealer where needed.
  • Banish thick, clumpy lashes by soaking a cotton bud in in a no-oily eye makeup remover and wipe gently over the tips of your lashes. It liquifies clumps and creates defined, pointed ends.
  • Remove glitter by wrapping a length of masking tape around your index finger then roll over the glitter to lift if off gently without ruining the rest of your makeup.
  • Ditch the powder blush and adopt creme blush instead. It blends beautifully and softens the face whilst giving great definition.
  • Dab a drop of peppermint oil onto the centre of lips to create a fuller pout and follow with a good lashing of tinted gloss.
  • For chapped lips before applying lipstick, apply a small amount of acetone on a cotton bud and run across your lips. It tastes dreadful but instantly removes any flaky skin. Follow with a water-soaked cotton bud and add lots of lip balm afterwards to rehydrate and condition.
  • For a youthful complexion, add a little shine to the nose between the bridge and tip. I like MAC highlighters.
  • To impart a flawlessness to legs, slather them in MAC Face and Body foundation. It absorbs quickly and won’t stain your clothes.
  • For an immaculate matte lip, apply  lip liner and lipstick as normal, then pat a matching eyeshadow or blusher onto lips with a clean brush for a sexy, suede finish.
  • Fix eyeshadow mishaps with a cotton bud dipped in foundation and simply roll over the mistake.