In case you didn’t know, vegetables are making a major comeback – it’s a VEG-OLUTION!

Forget steamed broc, microwaved carrots and boiled potatoes. We’re talking vegetables of the stylish variety; ones that come with their very own accessories – nuts, milk, spices and grains. Exotic and puristic elements that amp up the texture, taste and appearance of those humble root vege –  transforming them from plain old boring to absolutely fabulous.

These are the ingredients every time-poor and desperate mother needs. Watch your children at first resist, then pretend to hate, then LOVE!  Wow dinner guests with your cooking prowess, soaking up the praise and promising them you will flick them the recipe (knowing you never will).  It’s vege-magic.

I loved this list of essential enhancers in Bon Appetit. I have made it my own and seen some radical makeovers; suddenly vegetables are SEXY! Feel free to highjack, experiment and send me a line to let me know your favourite transformation. GO TO IT!


SUMAC  Sprinkle this tart Middle Eastern spice on roasted vegetables such as eggplant or peppers after cooking.

NUT BUTTERS Stir into braised greens halfway though cooking to lend depth.

AGAVE NECTAR  Whisked into lemon juice, it works as a glaze adding to the sweetness or any roasted root vegetable.

COCONUT MILK Perfect for providing richness without dairy. Use if for braising or as a base for veggie curries.

ROASTED GRAINS Toasted crunchy grains, such as amaranth, add texture to soft cooked vegetables and work as a great base for salads.

NUTS AND SEEDS Top salads with any toasted seed – poppy, sesame, fennel – or toasted nut for pops of crunch.

MISO For the ultimate umami boost, use as a dressing (with rice vinegar and oil) and toss with any steamed veg. Or combine with melted butter for a slightly more decadent touch.

GREEK YOGURT Season plain yogurt with salt, tahini, or whatever you’ve got, then spoon over roasted brussels sprouts or carrots for a creamy finish.

ALEPPO PEPPER Use this ground Middle Eastern chile – a capsicum annuum, for fruity heat on pretty much anything. It’s practically our new black pepper!