kate and carol

A big mother of a question for you…. How involved is your mother in your life and the bringing up your children?

I have friends’ whose mothers play a pivotal role in their children’s lives. Some take care of their grandchildren whilst their daughter goes to work. Others are on babysitting call and happy to step in when needed.

Others have mothers who have made it clear they are most definitely NOT babysitters.

But what about our attitude? How important is sharing the raising of our children with our mothers? Do we want our mothers disciplining our children? Do we want their advice or value their contribution to our children’s lives? I know of women who get angry if their mothers offer their kids lollies after dinner or buy them clothing without their approval first. By doing this, are we cutting Grandmother’s rights or simply drawing a firm line in the sand?

Perhaps you want your mother’s help but feel too guilty to ask?

I would love your thoughts.