I’m having people in for dinner tonight, and whilst the food and wine are well-covered, I am struggling in terms of fresh background music.

My friend Ben is all over music so I grilled him for some great, new suggestions. He delivered and I give them to you. Jump on spotify, iTunes or soundcloud and have a groovy night everyone!

Remember those compilation cassette tapes you used to make? Well this is sort of the same – 34 favourite tracks that musically sum up a decade. Brilliant. Click on the link above to take a listen but keep an eye on the stove. Yep, it’s that distractingly good.
Like a Version is a regular segment on Triple J that features Australian and international artists playing live, acoustic versions of some of their favourite songs. Check out my link above – I have directed you straight to Album Seven on iTunes so you can download it straight away. Think Stonefield covering Magic Carpet Ride, Sarah Blasko’s take on Hey Ya! and Art vs Science’s Harder Better Faster Stronger. Could I eat to this? Yes – I could definately eat to this.
No introduction needed here. Bit of Give Me The Night and I’m all yours GB.
Welsh band Hybrid is a unique sound – think electronic dance music with a touch-of-the-mellow. I’ll be playing this later in the night when everyone’s feeling slightly anaesthetised.
What’s your favourite dinner party music? Take me to it!