Lucille & Desi - a marriage well-maintained!

Lucille & Desi – a marriage well-maintained!

I adore Marjorie Bligh, the very quirky and endearing 90-something superstar housewife from Tassie, and Barry Humphries’ original inspiration for Dame Edna Everage.

Being the same vintage as my late Grandmother, her domestic hints, recipes and advice for ‘housewives’, from cooking (mock chicken anyone?) to her devotion to baking soda as the answer to everything, stir such warm memories for  me.

Like Marjorie, my grandmother Lucy Clare imparted wonderful marriage advice. My favourite was this particular pearler, imparted to me over a glass of chard and a few ‘savouries’ on the eve of my wedding – “Darling remember, no matter how busy you are – when he arrives home from work, put on some lipstick, mix him a drink and just let him be.” Mmm….

I rather like this list of Marjorie’s as well. Old-fashioned yes, but dust away the cob-webs and you will see the wisdom. Lucy Clare would most certainly approve. Happy Friday everybody!

ABC of Happy Marriage by Marjorie Bligh

Always. No refunds if not satisfied, so choose carefully.

Boredom. The arch enemy of marriage. Root it out at first signs of growth.

Children. Marriage was instituted for protection and procreation.

Domestic Duties. The most important work in the whole community.

Exercise. Physical—to keep you trim. Mental—to keep you interesting.

Food. Be imaginative, original and appreciative.

Gossip. Don’t gossip about your partner’s failings.

Honesty. Be honest with each other, but not brutal.

Intelligence. Allied with commonsense, it solves many problems.

Job. A helping hand or listening ear when necessary.

Kindness. Be kind to each other.

Love. To marry for less is to invite disaster.

Modesty. Something you can’t afford to lose.

Nagging. Never accomplishes anything. Try encouragement instead.

Others. To live in a cocoon of self-centredness is not wise.

Pride. Something you can’t afford to lose.

Quarrels. Always apologise first, even if you are right.

Religion. The tie that binds, the anchor that holds.

Sex. Sexual compatibility is essential to a happy union.

Trouble. Meet it together with courage and loyalty.

Understanding. When grounded in love it is never abused.

Vindictive. Check it by a check-up on your physical relationship.

Wedding Day. A beautiful memory, but only the beginning.

Xtravagance. Stimulating occasionally, but must not become a habit.

You. Retain your personality. Refuse to become just Mum or Dad.

Zzzzzzzz. Unfortunately, there’s no known cure for snoring.