Meet fellow blogger and busy working mother Natasha Lester. An author of two fab novels with a third on the way, she exudes grace, poise and polish even when she has three young children hanging from her hem. Find out more about her books at www.natashalester.com.au and at her social media links below.

I asked Natasha for her tips on everyday life –  from what she nibbles on for breakfast to keeping connected with her husband. I adore her answers and am poaching pears as I write.

Thank you Natasha!

  • LOCATION: Perth, Western Australia
  • HOME: Big windows, lots of light, plus old-fashioned bits of wallpaper, chandeliers and Welsh oak dressers.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blog and website.
  • MOTHERING STYLE: Organised, with cuddles. Cuddles can solve all the problems of the world, and so can being organised.
  • CALM KIDS 101 : Always answer their questions, no matter how many times they ask me the same thing. I think they’re calm if they know someone will always listen to them.
  • BREAKFAST: Porridge with stewed pears and a drizzle of honey.
  • DAILY UNIFORM: Jeans, JCrew’s colourful cashmere knits and groovy sneakers.
  • PERSONAL STYLE: Definitely casual but always with colour – I don’t want my girls to think black is the only wearable colour in the world.
  • STYLE ICONS: People who are comfortable in their own skin – Cate Blanchett always looks happy and at ease and that to me is stylis.h
  • DAILY SPLURGE:  My husband’s fabulous desserts – everything from pecan pie to ginger cake to delicious scones.
  • BEST FAKE FOR FAST STYLE : Blow-dryed hair.
  • JEANS: J Brand all the way. I’ve tried just about every other brand and they’re too long for a short girl like me.
  • SUNGLASSES: A very scratched pair of Tiffanys that have been loved too much as a dress-up accessory by my girls.
  • SNEAKERS:  Bensimons and Golden Goose.
  • TEES: Splendid – inexpensive soft cotton in lots of yummy colours.
  • LINGERIE: Shamefully I pay no attention to what goes under my clothes and I buy Bonds at Coles with my weekly grocery shopping
  • BAG: A splurge-tastic Balenciaga that was one of my few souvenirs from a trip to New York in the midst of Hurricane Sandy.
  • SCENT:  Chanel
  • LIPSTICK: Chantecaille Lip Chic
  • BEAUTY: Chantecaille again – lots of botanicals rather than chemicals
  • CANDLE :  Next question! I prefer to scent the house by baking something rather than buy a candle. Then I get to eat it too!
  • COFFEE: I’m a devoted tea drinker
  • TIPPLE: Gin & Tonic or champagne
  • SIGNATURE DISH: My kids would say my tuna pasta bake with crunchy cheesy crust – not glamourous but they love it
  • WEAKNESS: Anything with caramel
  • FLOWERS: Orchids
  • FAVE DESTINATION: Wherever I’m about to go – which at the moment is New York as I’ll be there in July.
  • HOTELS: Langham Place in Hong Kong treats kids like rock stars, The Sherry-Netherland New York, Fiji Beach Resort and Spa, Fiji
  • RESTAURANTS: Pata Negra, Perth; The Stokehouse, Melbourne (My hubby proposed to me there so it’s a special place); High Tea at The Peninsula, Hong Kong
  • SHOP: Borderfree – an online portal that gives you access to American brands like J. Crew and stores like Barneys. Otherwise Love Story, Mosman Park.
  • HOSTESS GIFT: Champagne
  • IF YOU COULD INVITE ANY FIVE PEOPLE TO DINNER, WHO WOULD YOU HAVE?  I would have a ladies-who-write dinner with Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Margaret Atwood, Joan Didion and Louisa May Alcott.
  • BEST TIP FOR PUTTING THE L BACK INTO LOVE: My husband and I make sure we sit down and talk to each other every night after the kids have gone to bed and without the TV on or any other distractions so it’s just the two of us together in a conversation.
  • BEST SOURCE FOR NEWS: Twitter! I find out everything that’s happening right now on Twitter and watch ABC News every night for the detail.
  • FAVE WEBSITE:  brainpickings.com is an eclectic mix of literature, creativity and bookish bon-mots
  • READING NOWGone Girl by Gillian Flynn (it’s fab!)
  • FAVE GLOSSIES: I always choose a book over a glossy
  • GO-TO COOKBOOKS: My husband has a copy of Women’s Weekly’s Sweet Old Fashioned Favourites from the 1960s and every dessert in there is a winner.
  • PARENTING BOOK: I should probably get one of these!
  • BEST RELAXATION TIP: Going to yoga. If I can’t go to yoga at least once a week, my life slowly unravels!
Chanel, porridge & stewed pears, chandelier, Chantecaille LIp Chic, Perth, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Joan Didion, Golden Goose sneakers, New York City

Chanel, porridge & stewed pears, chandelier, Chantecaille LIp Chic, Perth, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Joan Didion, Golden Goose sneakers, New York City