We are about to spin a renovation on a borderline-pretty old worker’s cottage. It sits smack-bang between the river and the ocean, so has no choice but to become a sort of beachshack-come-family home. It’s sweet with high ceilings, polished floors and a cosy vibe;  but I’d be lying if I said it was going to rock your yacht.

She needs a nip, tuck and facelift like an old supermodel. And space-wise, well she doesn’t possess much. We are going to have to think outside the box and get cleverly creative in creating liveable spaces and tons of  storage areas.

When you’re talking about tearing out and adding rooms, a well-prioritised to do list is essential. But before that, there are things that can be done straight away that will make life just a little more comfortable – like finding somewhere to house my extensive collection of books and magazines. I need serious shelving, and something along the lines of gorgeous.

I have been doing some research on different types and designs as well as some cool styling ideas. Here are some lovely reference shots hot off my mood board…


A friend of mine, who is very neat and orderly, is a master book colour coderer (is that a real word?). I know being the ‘organic’ personality I am, a perfectly colour-coded bookshelf might be difficult to maintain. But like a pair of 6 inch shoes impossible to walk it, I think it could be worth it.

So excited by this idea, I turned to interior Goddess and author of Things I Love,  Megan Morton for advice –   “Whatever you do, don’t colour code! I am not mad about this trend.  Bookcases are simple – they work when larger books are in the middle and smaller top and bottom.”

bookcase 3

OOOOKKKKK. So here are some other lovely, unique ideas. Loving the random objects placed perfectly amongst the different titles and the sliding ladder is fantastic but may not fit my little room. Umm….Chanel bag bookends. What to say but ridiculously fantastic!

bookcase 2The top two pics give me a good idea of how my room may actually look, as the cases are built around a void space, as mine will be. I love David Hicks  (top left) with the painting placed dead centre. And I love, WOOPS, colour-coding again…. delete that.

via robsog

Or, I could put the lot to work for me and build furniture out of them!  Clever!

Would love your ideas. Let me know your best tips for fab book storage. x

pics via elledecor, thecoveteur, lonnymag