When you have a moment to spare (!), turn your creative hand to a little salt seasoning. It’s not a big deal and doesn’t take a lot of time. What it does do is keep for a few weeks, giving you a nice little stash of instant flavour for throwing on vegetables, massaging into a piece of meat or sprinkling over potatoes. Everything just tastes better, and they’ll wonder how the hell you do it, and so effortlessly. And you’ve gotta love that.

ROSEMARY & SAGE SALT (recipe via Limoncello and Linen Water by Tessa Kiros)

(That’s it above. It is fantastic rubbed, with a dose of olive oil, generously over a leg of lamb)

Ingredients (makes about 1 1/4 cups)

  • 5 tablespoons chopped rosemary
  • 5 tablespoons chopped sage
  • 2 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 1 small red chilli, chopped
  • 160g Pink Hamalayan Salt or other coarse salt
  • A few black peppercorns


  • Scatter the rosemary, sage, garlic and chilli on a tray lined with baking a paper. Cover with a net and put in fornt of a window that gets direct sunlight.
  • Crush the salt in small batches in a mortar with a pestle. It’s nice to have varying texture in the salt, but each crystal should be at least cracked. Crush the peppercorns with the last batch. Toss onto thetray with the herbs and leave to dry, then store in a closed jar.
  • Buy a box of Maldon salt.  Divide it into 3 parts into 3 separate bowls.  This means you’ll have 3 portions that are roughly 1/3 cup each.

LIME MALDON SALT (via eatsimplyeatwell)

(This is awesome over popcorn with olive oil, Mexican food and fish.)


  • Two limes
  • Maldon salt


  • Wash limes in warm water (no soap) and dry them well.
  • Using a Microplane with a fine blade, zest the limes over a bowl of salt.
  • Stir well with a fork and spread evenly across a dry dinner plate.
  • Allow the mixture to dry overnight, and then store in an airtight, labeled, glass jar.