There come’s a time when a girl’s gotta prioritise what she reads – even if her fave part of the newspaper is the Style Section.

Not that this glossier section is not relevant to me – it is my job – but one can get in the habit of digging through all the really important stuff to devour the more, well, fabulous.

My younger sister inhales news and politics like I do fashion. Whilst I watch the news everynight, I know it merely skims the surface of what there is to know. In a quest to be better informed, despite the miniscule window of reading time there is everyday, I asked her for the best go-to sites for excellent news coverage in a blink. Here is her rundown. Thanks gorgeous x

I AM A NEWS JUNKIE.  I am not a casual user. I am a hard-core, insatiable, can’t-get-enough-news-in-my-day kinda girl. Given the opportunity (and a bottomless cup of coffee), I would (and have, at times) spent all my waking hours trolling the web, foraging for breaking news and obscure tidbits.
In order to keep up-to-date without becoming completely myopic and blurry-eyed, you need to set up an RSS reader. What is that, you ask?
RSS READER is like your own customised online newspaper that draws together news from Web pages all over the world. With one click, your RSS reader will give you a list of all the new articles from your favourite news sources. You can then simply skim the headlines, read summaries of articles, click to read the full articles, or save must-read articles for later – whatever you have time for between school runs, or en route to meetings.
You will need to invest some time setting up your RSS reader initially, selecting sources you want to draw from, but then you are sitting pretty – a customized news service at your fingertips!
There are numerous RSS readers out there. Google is “retiring” my go-to RSS reader (so sad), so I have filled the void with Feedly, named one of TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Smart-Phone Apps in 2011, and fast becoming a fave of the time-poor, news junkie set.  Feedly is free and available on iPhone, iPad, Android devices and on desktops. Feedly works beautifully on mobile devices using Safari and Firefox browsers. It is not yet available on the Internet Explorer, but stay tuned. Other highly rated RSS readers include NewsBlur and iFeed.
Want to know more? Check out this NY Times article – three ways FEEDLY outdoes the vanishing google reader
Once you have set up your RSS Reader, you need to choose some sites from which to draw breaking news! Below are some of my faves:
  • Atlantic Media’s “Quartz” is a no fuss, no muss news source focusing mainly on finance, business and tech. Designed for tablets and phones, which makes for easy reading on-the-go.
  • – is taking on traditional news organisations who are cutting back on their international news coverage (so wrong!) Global Post features daily international news by its own correspondents around the world
  • NYTimes – say no more
  • – a must-read daily digest of news from Washington DC.
  • Vanity Fair – of course!
  • – politics with a smattering of pop-culture and commentary.
  • – covers breaking news, politics, opinions, culture, technology and entertainment.
  • Daily Mail UK – to satisfy my daily gossip quotient!
  • Reuters Global news blog – – mandatory for breaking international news.
  • PBS Wide Angle – – for stories that should be headlines but are often not.
  • IRIN, which stands for Integrated Regional Information Networks, is a service provided by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. This award-winning humanitarian news and analysis service covers the corners of the world so often ignored or under-reported.
Have we missed any? Other than (ahem)…. After you have pressed GO on your RSS Reader and filled it to the brim, let me know if you have any addtional must-reads. x