ImageI am in a major music rut – like a needle stuck on a record.  I find something I like and play it until I (and everyone else) can’t take it any longer. Adele, Keith Urban, Lana Del Ray, Temper Trap – mine is certainly not the hippest and most original playlist in town! It would be safe to say that I musically I am out of touch with what’s cool, upcoming and happening. Basically if it isn’t on Nova, I don’t know it. TRAGIC!

Luckily, whilst I may not qualify as cool, lots of my creative friends and colleagues do. I quizzed two of them, Ben and Simon, on what I should be listening to. Here are there recommendations. I listened to every single one of them. A few I deleted for **explicit** reasons. The rest I added links to for your playing pleasure and also some quick need-t0-know intel, so you spruik to your friends and sound extra in-the-know. Download these albums and you will totally qualify as a Cool Mother….  Rock on!

 Robin Thicke – Super cool composer, performer and producer who collaborates with everyone from Pharrell Williams to Mary J. Blige. Plus he is the son of Gloria Loring (Days of Our Lives) and Alan Thicke (Growing Pains) which makes him especially cool in my (uncool) book.
Daft Punk – This one I know!  The new album is awesome. Must-have.
Brand New Heavies – Cool London group that sort of fall under the Acid Jazz, funk and soul umbrellas. I could definitely become addicted. Very upbeat and more-ish.
DJ Food – Can see myself sipping Cointreau to this late into the night….
Rae & Christian – You’ll often see Brit production duo Mark Rae and Steve Christian on mix CDs like Groove Armada and Cafe del Mar. Sort of Hip Hop but then again, sort of everything. Great music to cook to. (Told you I’m not cool).
DJ Vadim –  If soul and hip hop had a baby they would call him DJ Vadim. Add a generous dose of reggae and you’ve got it. I like.
Mr Scruff – Electronic Music producer and DJ. I love him purely for his cover art. Luckily his music is pretty great too.
NTM – Sublime French hip hop. I have no idea what their saying, which I have a feeling is a good thing.
DJ Cam – French DJ who mixes hip-hop and jazz and does the sound design for fashion runway shows like Louis Vuitton. So Frenchy.. sooo chic.  J’adore.
Global Underground – A series of electronic music albums by DJs worldwide. Great music for late afternoon drinkies.
Have I missed anything? Let me know. Ex