michelle williams

You get to a certain age where a flattering photo of yourself is a rarity and selfies = sheer embarrassment. Frankly it’s depressing. Sadly we can’t avoid the lens forever, so I have grilled some of the incredibly talented creatives I work with for their tips and tricks for a guaranteed drop-dead gorgeous photo every time.

Bobby Bujisic is a dear friend and an incredible make-up artist in New York City. He knows poses like I know handbags.

  •  “Know your angles.  First pull your chin up and push it forward, it gives nice neck and minimises those jowls! Then put your shoulders back and down and SMILE!”
  •  “When you smile, only have your mouth slightly closed, then push your tongue to back of your lower teeth. It gives you a sharper jaw line. You will LOVE it! Try it!”

Stef King is a fab Perth fashion photographer who recently launched BeautifulYou, a portrait business specialising in photo sessions for women. Check it out at www.beautifulyoubystefking.com.au

  •  “Avoid the dreaded double chin and get improved definition by pointing your chin out and down.”
  •  “The golden rule of any beauty photographer is good light. Front-on light cast from an open doorway or window is the ultimate beauty light.  It evens out skin tones and gives skin a great natural glow.”
  •  “Watch your background – simple backgrounds work best.”
  •  “Work womanly curves to your best advantage by standing with hands on hips to create space away from the body.”

Gabriel Georgiou is a master hair stylist in Athens, Greece. He has more moves than Linda Evangelista.

  •  “The crossing over of legs can make chunkier thighs look thinner!”
  • “If hips are wide, a slight three quarter pose saves the day!”
  • “An arm casually dropping by the side of the hip (so as not to show any space between the arm and hip) with the weight on one hip works wonders for girls with hips.” 
  • “There is always one side of the face which is the better side. Find it!”
  • “If you are short, make sure you are photographed from a slightly lower angle. It adds height.” 

Bronx is a 6 ft blonde glamazon, an amazing model and a woman you never want to be photographed standing next to.

  •  “If the photo is being taken front on, stick you butt back so your hips will be further away from the camera and look smaller.”
  • “If you have strong shoulders, turn your hips so they are side-on in profile, then swing your shoulders back to the camera.”
  • “Try making your legs stance wider than your hips.”
  • “Stick your neck down, out, then tilt for a longer neck.”
  • “For great cheekbones, find the light and tilt your head accordingly.”
  • “Most importantly have a good nights sleep, drink loads of water to give you a glow and stand tall.”