One of the most beautiful bouquets I ever received was a few years ago from a group of ladies I took to Paris on a shopping trip. After a day of eating, cafe-hopping and speaking really bad French, I arrived back at my room to discover the most breathtaking bouquet of roses and mint.  Mon Dieu!  They were utterly gorgeous!
I wish you could scratch and sniff the screen, because apart from looking drop dead gorgeous, the scent was exquisite. The combined fragrance of the two hit me the minute I opened the door and lingered my entire stay.
Whilst looking for this picture, I stumbled across some other photos I have taken of roses (it appears not only do I obsessively photograph my food, I take copious pictures of flowers, something to be addressed).  I have always had a bit of a crush on bright yellow and hot pink together. These were picked from a garden in Brooklyn, NYC.
BalletEastVillage 061
Here is my son getting me on side at the West Hollywood Farmer’s Market. Good to see he is starting early.
 If I was a talented gardener, my house would be strangled in rose bushes. Luckily for all I’m not, so I make do with the local flower market. There is nothing more uplifting that a fabulously scented bouquet on the table or next to the bed – especially one you wrangled yourself.  I was chatting all things roses to my friend Brian Sweeney, a Brisbane florist who has just relocated to New York City (jealous), and he gave me the following tips on how to love your roses and get the very most from them.
But first, here is a snap one of Brian’s bouquets… trés talented!
roses.1Brian’s tips on how to rock roses and make them last longer
  • Cut each rose at a 90 degree angle
  • Change the water every day
  • Large chunky-headed roses sit up and fill a vase easier than small headed or dainty ones
  • If the rosé foliage is lush, leave as much on as possible so your roses fill out the vase and look more natural
  • Try combining fresh rosemary with roses – it looks and smells glorious
  • Combine contrasting coloured roses for zing!
  • It’s Autumn now in Australia, so use lots of Autumnal foliage. It looks great with pastel and contrasting coloured roses

Oh, and one more lovely way to use fresh roses is of course to combine them with my other obsession – food.  My sister-in-law Sadie is Baking Queen. Here is a fabulous birthday cake she made for one of us. Such a quick and stylish way to make cake look like couture!

Chrissy's 40th 008

Would LOVE any tips you have on pulling together a memorable bouquet.  E x