famous mothers. 1

THANK YOU to everyone who so kindly shared their mother’s favourite words of wisdom with me.

There is a MOTHER-LOAD here – some old classics and others I have never heard before. Regardless, I am filling my Moleskin with them and preparing to avalanche the kids. I suggest you do the same.

Good times! E x

  • If you put something on and it feels uncomfortable, don’t wear it. You will regret it all day – Bron, Brisbane
  • Just because you are talking louder doesn’t mean you are right – Mishuliya, UK
  • ‘Life is too short to stuff a mushroom’. I absolutely love that one and it has guided me through the terrible teenage years. Still resonates to this day. – Mishuliya, UK.
  • You are what you eat and think  –  Alana, Florida
  • Always be punctual and wear clean underwear! – nantucketdaffodilConnecticut
  •  Stand up straight and wear sunblock (she was ahead of her time) – nantucketdaffodil, Connecticut
  • Shove everything in that closet so no one knows we live like slobs – nantucketdaffodil, Connecticut
  • If you want something done, do it yourself!  – Emma, Perth
  • Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers – go out and plant your own garden! – Kylie, Perth
  • All you need in life is someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to  – Nadia, Sydney
  • Never compare yourself to others  – Emma, Perth
  • By all means listen to what everyone tells you you “can’t” do, then do it anyway – Janna, Perth
  • Always keep joy in your heart – Rachel, New York City
  • Sleep on it. All will be clearer in the morning – Janna, Perth
  • Make hay while the sun shines – Louise, Brisbane
  • Your subconscious is always the smarter one – Janna, Perth
  • If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, then don’t say anything – Janna, Perth
  • Thank you notes should always be hand written (still applies – no texting!) – Janna, Perth
  • Never chew with your mouth open, or talk with your mouth full.  Janna, Perth
  • You can be and do anything in life you want if you’re prepared to work hard enough for it – Louise, Brisbane
  • A rich heart may be hidden under a poor coat – Megan, London
  • Don’t marry for money, you’ll end up paying for it – Kate, Samford
  • Don’t ask permission, ask for forgiveness – Kylie, Perth
  • Always wear good underwear – Sarah, Brisbane
  • Never judge by appearances – Miriam, London
  • Always leave a little bit of food on your plate – Sarah, Brisbane
  • Treat your helpers like a King or a Queen and vice versa –  Sarah, Brisbane

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