white shirt supermodelsNever wear a WHITE SHIRT twice!

It should be fastidiously laundered and pressed every wear

for maximum chic and timeless style.


  • Always carefully read the laundering instructions before washing.
  • Prior to washing, undo all the buttons so as not to strain the stitches holding them in place.
  • Only wash with other white clothing of similar fabric and weight to avoid damaging your shirt’s material.
  • Use a good quality, eco-friendly washing powder and add half a cup of baking soda to your wash. It is a natural whitening agent.
  • Never use bleach. It is simply cruel to good quality fabric.
  • Wash in water at a temperature of around 40°C – 60°C (104°F – 140°F).
  • Dry on a moulded plastic hanger in the shade. Tumble drying is classified as shirt abuse.

Have I missed anything? Be sure to let me know. Ex

images via peterlindbergh.com