jackie kennedy

FACT: Mother knows best – something I did not believe until becoming the mother of a tween. It leaves me speechless and despairing that my daughter doesn’t eagerly nod and note-take the pearls of wisdom I eagerly throw her way on a daily basis.

I often wish I had written down all the advice my mother ever gave me. Luckily I can still ask her and she is more than happy to repeat them!

With Mother’s Day upon us, I want to compile THE ULTIMATE ADVICE LIST from the women who really know – our mothers. And I need your help.

I want to know the BEST advice or enduring pearl of wisdom your mother ever gave you. It can be from any stage of your life and about absolutely anything.

Let me get the ball rolling –

My mother once told me that in a crisis, before doing anything drastic, it is best to put on your lipstick, do your hair and vacuum the house (obviously this doesn’t apply to emergencies like house fires or choking children).

So tell me, what’s yours?