If only there was a mother’s manual. A book that told you how to lead a perfect life – a 5-Star marriage, shiny children, glamorous career, smoking body and stylish Kelly Wearstler-esque house filled with white peonies and Diptyque candles.

Of course life doesn’t come with an instruction manual and it isn’t meant to be perfect. Yet like generations of mothers before us, we face an invisible benchmark of perfection made more difficult by the fact that our generation sees more of us divorced, working full-time or single parenting than ever before.

Your best friend, sister-in-law or Facebook ‘friend’ may appear to have it all and on the surface be The Model Mother. But is she really?

Chances are she’s doing an OK job and faking the rest. Which is perfectly fine and achievable – if you know how.

In my job and on my travels, I have met and mingled with some fantastic women with A-Grade homemaking, child-rearing skills and style – some of which I have hijacked and used as my own. From knowing how to pull together an impressive dinner party with no notice to faking a clean house in 30 minutes – it’s not difficult if you know how.

In my quest to make life less stressful and more stylish, I am writing a book – The Modern Mothers Holy Grail: How to Fake a Perfect Life. This blog serves as a writing inspiration and research tool. I certainly do not claim to have all the answers, but I am going to do my very best to find them.

For you, I hope to make MMHG the equivalent to a really good glass of Pinot. It should relax, entertain and get you thinking. In turn, I hope to get to know you, your views and advice on looking after yourself, raising a happy family, enjoying a sexy marriage and keeping a house in the manner of Vogue Living.

It’s lovely to have you along for the ride.

Elizabeth x